Hack 'n Slash Online

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Hack 'n Slash Online
Angband Variant
Developer The Piper
Based on
Theme multiplayer dungeon crawler
Released 2011-09-24
Updated 2011-09-24
Download Browser Game

Official site


Game (Java Applet): http://the-green-leaf.de/progue_applet.html
Community Forum: http://hackslashonline.forumer.com/index.php


Currently implemented features:

  • creatures, agressive and peaceful ones, which drop loot
  • item spawns, free st00f
  • fighting
  • getting loot
  • dieing
  • attributes to build up your character
  • skills you can train (right now attack + defense)
  • currency (right now copper coins, later silver and gold coins too)
  • NPC's for various uses like shop holders, teachers, increasing your attributes and so on
  • a storage to protect your items
  • in game calendar with day and nighttime, which might trigger some events in the future
  • trading between players
  • buying/selling from/to NPC's
  • dynamic dungeons
  • static world outside the dungeons
  • PK'ing (Player Kill) on one map right now
  • in game chat system
  • administrator features
  • items have a chance to break when used


Hack 'n Slash Online is a multiplayer dungeon crawler with a semi dynamic world.

That means, it's an online game you can play together with other players in your browser (Java required, the client is a Java applet. So if your browser supports Java applets, you can play without downloading and installing anything.).

The dynamic part of the world are the dungeons, there are right now a few in game, which you can explore and clean out.

Once a dungeon is cleaned out (all monsters inside are killed), or you kill the Boss monster of that dungeon, all players inside the dungeon are teleported to the start map and the dungeon is re-created, with different levels and different monsters.

The static part of the world are some outside maps, where you can go exploring and fight creatures to train and get loot.

Creatures inside a dungeon don't respawn, of course, or you will never be able to clean out a dungeon.

Creatures outside of dungeons respawn after a given time, that's the place where you can train without going through a dungeon and get loot.

Inside a dungeon you need keys to pass doors. Keys are monster drops (inside and outside of dungeons) or you can buy them from NPC's. Right now there is one NPC in game, which sells them.

Goal of the game

None, log on and have fun and do what you want to do. But behave and don't spoil the fun of other players to play the game. Right now you can fight and try to level your fighting skills and make money to get rich. Or chat with other players in game, maybe do role playing, all up to you. Later there will be more skills to level, games to play with bots and such.

Teh RuleZ

Since it is a multiplayer game, there must be some rules to protect the community, since we don't want total chaos in game, which only annoys most players.

So here are 7 simple rules every player must obey. If not, face the concequences.

By playing this game you accept these rules and promise to obey them. If you don't like these rules, please log off by closing the website (ALT-F4, click on "Close" button of the window).

       The Game Rules

1. Use common sense and behave yourself.
2. Do nothing which may cause trouble for the owner of the game.
3. Respect others and be polite to other players/moderators/gods.
4. Do not cheat, no macroing, no bots, no hacking.
5. Do not spam. Spamming means filling up other players screens with senseless text like unreadable crap in local chat, channels or personal messages.
6. Report bugs/typos and don't exploit them. To report with a single line message, use the #report command (#report message), for longer reports use the forum.
7. If in doubt about anything, use rule #1 and better don't do it.

Any breaking of this rules can, but must not be punished.
Punishments reach from a friendly reminder, time penalties up to
being banned for life from the game.

Getting in game help

Ask in chat channel #1, which is the one new players are in autmatically after creating a character.
Use the #help_me command to send a message to all moderators online (right now only me). You might get an answer in a PM (Personal Message) if someone is online to answer you.

Accessing the game from your mobile phone

Right now i am working on a chat only feature of the game server, where you can connect with a telnet client and chat in game and do a few text commands. When this feature will be stable, you can use a telnet client, which is available for a lot of mobile phones, i use telnet clients on my Nokia mobile phone and on my new Huawei smartphone using Android OS.
A very future plan is to write an App for Android to play the game on Android smartphones.

Current state of the game

The game is rignt now open for a technical test to find out how the game behaves, when more than 2 or 3 players are online, or which problems people have to play the game.

All characters created and played during this test phase will be deleted later. This will end, or not happen that often, when the game goes to beta stage, but right now it's just a technical test, so don't expect, that you keep your copper coins for a longer time.

If you find any problems/bugs/unlogic things/whatever or have any suggestions for the game, please post in our game forums (See below).

Contact the developers

Post in our game forums, which are here: http://hackslashonline.forumer.com/index.php