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Beta Project
Developer JArcane (John S. Berry III)
Theme Science Fiction, Alien Planets
Influences Hulks and Horrors, D&D, Alien, classic Rogue
Released Jul 7, 2014 (0.1)
Updated Jul 16, 2014 (0.3)
Licensing GNU General Public License v3
P. Language Python with libtcod
Platforms Windows, Linux (coming soon)
Interface SDL Console
Game Length short
Official site of handhRL

handhRL is a first-time roguelike project in Python using libtcod, and based on the Hulks and Horrors tabletop RPG.

The player takes the role of an unnamed soldier who has crash landed deep below the surface of a quarantined alien planet under mysterious circumstances, and must fight to survive and make their way to the surface.

Current project goal is to emulate a reasonable subset of the tabletop rules, allowing for adjustments to a solo roguelike game.