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HeroWorld (HW)
Sponsored Fork of Crossfire Multiplayer RPG
Contact Girl-Titus #8604 on Discord to discuss participating in this project!
What is Heroworld (HW)?
Welcome to HeroWorld (HW) - a thrilling graphical multiplayer open-world RPG rogue-like that will take you on an unforgettable journey through a high fantasy world filled with hidden secrets and quests that will keep you coming back for more. But that's not all, HW is not just any ordinary RPG game, it offers a unique player-directed world building experience, where you get to shape the world around you.
Craft your own artifacts, build your own buildings, and even found your own cities complete with shops and temples to religions you have created. The possibilities are endless! And the best part? The world is constantly evolving and changing based on your actions and decisions.
HW is a sponsored fork of the iconic Crossfire Multiplayer RPG with roots going all the way back to the 1980s. It's currently in beta, but don't worry, you can still be a part of this exciting adventure. Contact Girl-Titus #8604 on Discord to get involved.
We need as many contributors as possible to make sure our players are always finding something new and interesting in this vast world. And the best part? HW is not a PVP optimized server, which means we can pursue potentially 'unbalancable' features to make the game even more thrilling.
So what are you waiting for? Join us in HeroWorld and become a part of this epic fantasy adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What's new so far?
Quality of Life:
- Unpaid-Cannot be destroyed
- Player 'follow' command
- Speech bubbles over NPCS with Dialog
- Town Portal Rework
- Damage, Exp readout
- Economy Upgrade
- HP bars above mobs/players

Expanded Construction:
- Vehicle Upgrades/Features
- Built_By tag on buildable material so player can only use destroyer on own builds
- Buildable Personal Shop Upgrade
- Buildable Mood Floors w. Animations
- Buildable Additions Material
- Buildable Worktables
- Buildable Shop Tiles
- Vertical Building in The Frontier (Buildable Stairs)
- The Frontier connected to the main world
- Rednaxela's Buildable Buildings script up and running!

Resource Gathering:
- Mining
- Digging
- Wood Chopping
- Farming

Item Making:
- Craftable Wands/Staffs/Rods
- Wand augmentation scrolls!
- Statue Maker in Navar
- Figurine Maker in Brest
- All recipes have a chance greater than 3
- More recipes
- Four stage tutorial with face selection
- Mlab deloused of content unsuitable for public play and reintigrated
- pup_land and other many other areas incorporated into Bigworld
- Void Space & Void Scorn
- Greycastle rebalanced, reinigrated
- Guild Flag Ships
- Many areas 'Bigworldified'
- More spell/ability to world interactivity
- Titus River
- Titus Wall
- Guilds upgraded to a more digestible form
- Death dimension
- Arena
- Ogre, Orc and Dragon outposts throughout the world
- More transport options

- Artifact Rings moved out of shops and into quest rewards
- Water drying system is finally functional
- Exp loss from death reduced greatly
- More Lore
- NEW artifacts
- More Spells in wands
- Rods Removed
- Removed procedurally generated books
- Word_of_penalty spell used for returning to life from the - death dimension
- More quests/artifacts

Potion of Vivid Dreaming
Cartography (In production)

Esoteric Architecture (The shape of certain structures causes local magic effects)
Upgraded Animation sets for Player Characters (WIP)
Artificers Expansion Pack (WIP, nearly complete!) (All gear modifiers are accessible to players through recipies)
Apotheosis Expansion Pack (Players are able to start their own religions and solicit membership to new players)