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Programming Language
Influences Clojure, Scheme
Updated 2015-05-09 (0.11.0)
Status Beta
Licensing Open Source (MIT License)
Platforms OS Independent
Official site of Hy

What is Hy?

From the official documentation:

"Hy is a wonderful dialect of Lisp that’s embedded in Python. Since Hy transforms its lisp code into the python Abstract Syntax Tree, you have the whole beautiful world of python at your fingertips, in lisp form!"

A quick reference of features can be found here.

Roguelike Specific Details

Since Hy is embedded into Python, most of the features of Python are available for Hy. Hy shares the strong and weak points of Python. Strong functional capabilities of Python are enhanced with macros and slowly growing core library. The language itself is still in beta stages and evolving.

Roguelike games in Hy

Status Name
αlpha Herculeum