Hyperbolic Rogue

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Stable game
Developer Z
Theme Mathematics, multiple worlds, a bit Minimalist
Influences DROD, and many others
Released 7 Nov 2011 (1.0)
Updated Dec 27 2023 (13.0)
Licensing GNU GPL v2, Commercial
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows, Android, Pandora, OSX
Interface Hyperbolic ASCII, Vector Graphics, OpenGL
Game Length ~4 hr
Official site of HyperRogue

You are a lone adventurer trapped in a strange non-Euclidean world. Collect as much treasure as possible before being caught by monsters. The more treasure you collect, the more monsters come to hunt you, as long as you are in the same land type. You can fight most monsters by moving into their location. The monster could also kill you by moving into your location, but the game automatically cancels all moves which result in that.

HyperRogue 12.0q Screenshot.jpg


  • A new structure of the map (most roguelikes allow 8-directional movement, like Rogue, recently there are many new roguelikes that explore changing this geometrical structure: some games use 4-directional movement, and there are also some based on a hex grid; Hyperbolic Rogue tries hyperbolic geometry, which is very different).
  • A perspective with objects drawn smaller and smaller as the distance from the PC increases; when the PC moves, the perspective rotates to catch them.
  • Equidistants, horocycles, large circles, periodic patterns, and other features of hyperbolic geometry.
  • Find the Orb of Yendor to win the game, or take on the extra quests (Holy Grail, Princess Quest, Hyperstone Quest).
  • Shoot'em up mode, which is real-time.
  • Euclidean mode, to see why the geometry matters. Or whatever, you can play in mostly any 2D tiling (Euclidean or not), or even in 3D Thurston geometries.
  • Extensive non-Euclidean visualization engine. First-person perspective, Virtual Reality, Hypersian Rug, etc.
  • Other special modes: Orb Strategy Mode, crossbow instead of blade, Chaos (and change the land structure in general), Pure Tactics, Yendor Challenge, Multiplayer

Other than its unique geometry, HyperRogue features an infinite world -- and due to the hyperbolic geometry, it is actually more infinite than we are used to. When exploring this infinite world, the players can find about 60 lands, many of which are based on unique features (such as killing monsters by forming short circuits out of them in the Land of Storms, gravity in the Ivory Tower, or strong currents in the Whirlpool), unique layouts, monsters, treasures, and each with a special magical orb. Each land could be understood as its own minigame, but since you get into another land simply by crossing a "Great Wall", they interact.

The original version (called Hyperbolic Rogue) was an out-of-challenge 7DRL. It included only one land type and much less polish.

HyperRogue II was a big update for the 7DRL Challenge 2012.

It has been further improved to HyperRogue (III) after the 7DRL Challenge.

HyperRogue can be played for free (under GPL), there are also paid versions on Steam and Google Play, which provide online achievements and leaderboards.