I, Monster

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I, Monster
Defunct Game
Developer Andrei Kulakov
Influences Dungeon Keeper
Released 29 September 2003 ({{{relver}}})
Updated never ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Python
Interface ASCII
Game Length 10 minutes
Official site of I, Monster

A katana wielding hero and his trusty dog invade a dungeon. Player's task is to lead monsters living on a level to slay the intruders. Monsters under command range from bugs, elves, gnomes (which by themselves are not even dangerous for the dog) to atom heart bugs, siberian gnomes and dark oath trolls. With some luck uniqes like grandmother Yaga or Kaschey the immortal may appear.

In the dungeon many weapons (10 types) and armor (12 types) are lying. Decision must be made whether fight hero now or run for these valuable items to enchance monsters' fighting capabilities. Hero can use these too. Game features seven maps but an editor is supplied.

Balance is skewed highly in favor of intruding hero. His dog can be killed fairly easily but defeating him is impossible without great streak of luck - an unique and top quality equipment is needed.