IRDC 2010

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Proposed locations

Sweden (host: Happy Pony Land)

Hi! I'll get the ball rolling by proposing a location. Unless something totally weird and unexpected happens in the next few months, I'll be able and willing to host an IRDC in Sweden - the land of moose and fierce vikings (?). There are two suitable locations:

  • V????ster??s, where I live and would be able to accomodate a few people if you don't mind sleeping on the floor. However, it's a boring city and I think we'd all much rather be in...
  • Stockholm, the capital. I can't offer any place to stay, but there are plenty of hostels. You can fly there from most of the larger airports in Europe and the airport is 20 (by train) or 45 (by bus) minutes away. I don't have any specific venue in mind, but if there's interest I'll look one up.

Due to timing, this is now IRDC 2011