Into the Labyrinth

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Into the Labyrinth
Alpha Project
Developer Badscribbler
Theme Fantasy, Party based
Influences Etrian Odyssey, Devil Survivor, SMT games, Blood Bowl, Dark Hersey, Call of Cthulhu (advancement mechanics for now)
Released Sep 22 2013
Updated 0.0.2 a Nov 06 2013
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, keyboard
Game Length Demo (30~60? minutes)
[Official site of Into the Labyrinth

A party based Roguelike taking major inspiration from Devil Survivor's single phase of turn based combat and movement. It is still under development and has the basic chassis of how the game will work combat and movement wise.

Created in python as that is my preferred programing for fun language and pushed through pyinstaller. It should work with most modern windows set ups.

The ultimate goal of the game is to have a somewhat customized party of somewhat fragile characters that you can send down into the Labyrinth to explore and find new materials to make items with. Some vague ideas of some random 'plot' lines to follow for the mystery of the labyrinth nothing too deep but it sets up boss list and a reason to visit. If the party ever gets destroyed you will have to have other guild members carry on without having to restart the game.


  • Party Based combat
  • Weapons types that have major differences. For example
    • Heavy weapons take a turn of effort to ready but deal high amounts of damage
    • Bow takes a turn to ready but has range. An Archer may fire a bow immediately at a shorter range and less damage.
    • Combat Razor does two weak attacks that may leave the target vulnerable due to forcing them to dodge
    • Tomes of power require using turns to charge the mana of the book. Once charged the Tome can unleash spells that are based off the Tome's statistics instead of the casters.
  • Reaction point based evasion. Characters and Monsters may only avoid attacks so many times a turn
  • A unique armor system that allows you to survive more hits but does not leave you invulnerable
  • Recruit party members when your current ones fall
  • Party member statistics grow as used
  • Injury system that means your character may survive an attack that drops them below 1 health but may carry penalties
  • 'animated' combat sequences with floaty bouncy numbers
  • 'Two' key ranged combat selection
  • Defeat enemies for monster gibs for the town NPCs to make into items

Upcoming features

Expected alpha update Unknown Rewrite of engine needed as drive failure and external corruption has left me in a situation of rewriting anyways.

  • Character skill gain
  • Learning spells from tomes
  • More care in stair placement. It is uninteresting at moment and needs improvement
  • Additional boss and Randomization of which boss is spawned
  • Return to town item
  • Improving of splash screens


Current list of things needed to push this to beta

  • Larger more interesting floors
  • Injury status being more than just a stun effect
    • If you are familiar with blood bowl you know what this will become
  • Guild storage
    • nicety goal : Guild housing with faffy things such as placement of chests and other things gained in the dungeon or purchased at a store
  • Characters gaining skills based on their statistics and class
  • Members left in guild create new party when current party falls
  • Basic Engine rewrite slated. Requires I have all main features in game first.
  • Save feature

Any feedback would be helpful contact me at