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King is the story of one creature's journey to elevate himself to the status of king. In a world where the amount of stones you have can make you the leader, I find myself an odd mixture of an animal. I take my slimy skinned, 9 eyed and two headed body in search of stones, so I can find the next mixed up creature and say, "Dude, check out how many stones I have", and he would like totally worship me.

Initially a strange game and its simplicity turned me away. But after me second game I realised that through it simplicity there is quite a hard battle to be won. The mazes consist of twisted coridoors with quite a few diagonal gaps between walls. While you can move diagonal you cant squeeze through the gaps, but your enemies seem to. Simple minded creatues haunt your every move. While easy to run away from, they quick sap your strength until you find your self panicing frantically looking for a way out. You can attack the creatures but it is better to run.

King adds spice to gameplay with randomly placed unidentified potions, which can only be identified by drinking them. Potions are bad or good and some can be a quick escape from any danger. However the game does not tell you what the potion was called once you use it, next time you find the same potion it will have a rather cryptic name that you will really have to guess what it does. I.e A potion of regenerate will regenerate the level not your health,

King is simple but challenging and is much more that what it seemed at first. The king is dead, long live King. Also I find my self being reminded of another 7drl - Alan's Psychedelic Journey.

Example death screen

You Lose!

You have slimy skin, 9 eyes, and two heads
You died
You reached level 7
Difficulty: 1
You got 33  stones out of 50
You survived for 4374 turns
Identified potions: 16

Push escape to continue...

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