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Stable game
Developer malcontent
Theme Fantasy, Greek
Influences Rogue, Sword of Fargoal, ADOM
Released 1-20-2020 (1.0)
Updated 10-19-2021 (1.1)
Licensing MIT License
P. Language 6502, Machine Language
Platforms Commodore 64
Interface PETCII, Tiles
Game Length 20 floors
Official site of Katabatia


Katabatia is a classic style roguelike for Commodore 64. Decend 20 floors to recover the Amulet of Yendor and return with it.


  • Three classes, with four gods to worship. Sacrifice gold to improve a deity-specific stat.
  • Three endings.
  • Full joystick control, using menus for inventory interaction, etc.
  • Spells, Potions, and special weapons and armor.
  • Pour potions over equipment to change their magical abilities.
  • Switch between animated, graphical tiles, or static text-mode graphics.
  • SID soundtrack or sound effects.


Originally designed for a single-button joystick, control is limited to 4 directions. With only one button to work with, you must hold the button to enter the menu. A button tap causes a turn to pass. Version 1.1 added keyboard commands. The game does not delete saves on death, but it does count how many times a game has been loaded, so it will know when someone has beaten the game in one sitting.


V 1.1 - https://github.com/x0rcy5t/Katabatia

V 1.0 trained /w docs - https://csdb.dk/release/?id=187002