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kellexlx is a simple text based C++ game, released 21 July 2013, programmed by Siegfried Kellex aka. Kellex This very simple roguelike game is only a Windows version, now the developers are working on the Linux release....


[@ -- Player    ]
[* -- HP damage ]
[K -- Keys      ]
[: -- Door      ]
[? -- WHAT?     ]

Movement: Arrow Keys

The goal of the game is to get into the charachters "--". During the game will appear some challenges to make the game more "intersting". If the HP reaches or is equal 0 you loose... The are some "methods" to win the game easily....(Cheating...)

Enjoy the game, any comments and sh*t could be sended via email.....

KellexMail SendEmailToKellex


Text based Graphics. About 5 levels(More levels comming soon.) Much enjoyment and f*cking fun!!!

Shitty Image

This is the image of the first level... jeez.... IMAGE IMAGE