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The Lord of Rage and Death, aka L.O.R.D
Defunct Game
Developer Vaclav Jucha
Theme Fantasy
Influences not indicated
Released 1998 (version not indicated)
Updated no known updates (?)
Licensing Freeware, non-commercial
P. Language Pascal
Platforms DOS, DOSBox, others unknown
Interface ASCII
Game Length unknown
Official site of The Lord of Rage and Death, aka L.O.R.D


The Lord of Rage and Death is a roguelike by Vaclav Jucha from the late 1990s. It is written in Pascal.


Your task is to get rid of an evil necromancer called 'the Lord of rage and death'. You will have to travel into his palace, guarded by many horrible and dangerous monsters. Your only allies are your own abilities and skills.

Where to find The Lord of Rage and Death

Previously thought to be lost for at least ten years, a DOS compiled version of the game was found in 2022 in the ArchiveRL compilation at https://archive.org/details/ArchiveRL.7z. Prior to that find, in 2012 user Suetanvil posted a copy of the source code on GitHub for the benefit of anyone who wanted to try to revive it. A new addition to the GitHub page will be added soon so that players may download and play The Lord of Rage and Death in DOSBox without compiling.

Playability on Modern Windows Machines

DOSBox works fine in both windowed-mode and full-screen. Turn off Num_Lock to use the directional keys on the number keypad.