Left Field Hotel

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Left Field Hotel is a horror roguelike in which you attempt to escape a Hotel. Throughout the game, you will encounter items and events that will help unravel the story behind yourself.

Gameplay revolves around searching apartment rooms for items, completing certain events, and hiding from monsters. There is absolutely no combat in Left Field Hotel. Instead, you're forced to hide in the dark in order to survive. Staying in the light when you're being followed will result in being found. Keep in mind, however, that staying in the dark for too long will slowly increase your "Guilt" meter as well. Once the guilt meter fills up, you will forcefully begin to hurt yourself. Bandages can help with bleeding if this ever happens, but beware as not to damage any vital organs, or it could be seconds before you die. Certain events and items will permanently increase or decrease your "Guilt" meter. Preforming these events are also required to complete the game.


As you play the game, hints will pop up telling you the controls of the game. At any time, you can press "esc" and disable the hints, and also view the entire control scheme. But be careful, some hints can help you with how to complete certain events.


Here's the download link for the game. http://www.mediafire.com/?540qp85rwd9dh4d (It's a windows standalone exe. Sorry mac and linux!)