Lost Cavern

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Lost Cavern
Beta Project
Developer s01den
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences D&D, Cogmind, Minecraft, Brogue, Pixel Dungeon
Released 06 May 2022
Updated 18 June 2022
Licensing CC0
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows Linux Android
Interface GUI, Keyboard
Game Length Medium
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Discord Subreddit


Hello Sam Palmada, you have the honor to be the member of a space expedition organised by the Black Star. You make your family very proud!

Lost Cavern is an open-source turn-based sci-fi RogueLike where the player is the only survivor of a space expedition and has to go deeper and deeper inside a cavern exploited by a galactic corporation.

Destroy the map to redraw your own with bombs or by the strength of your arms, fight General Althorus and his minions, take random drugs, collect legendary weapons, craft medpack, vaccines, lasers, walls, electric systems, dig deeper and deeper and free the Lost Cavern from the exploitation of GemStone!

The game is available for free here https://s01den.itch.io/lost-cavern on PC or here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=s01den.lostcavern on android!

Main Features

  • Beautiful sprites from the tileset of @vurmux (Special thanks to Atsukyo for the help menu)
  • Incredible muscis by Sam's cheap tape! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRlPnUN43h7X-1ZwfFwlnjA
  • Tactical turn-based combat with status and a lot of weapon and armors to find.
  • Destructible proceduraly-generated terrain the cavern, different every new game, is changed by your fights by bombs or by your weapons. You can trace your own path inside this ancestral cavern!
  • Randomly generated character Select the survivor of the space expedition among 4 randomly-generated character. Random class, random items and random race between human and robot (rare!)
  • Every game is a new story Read the randomly generated background story before each new game to learn about the lore. Talk with workers and peasants working in the cavern to learn more about the secrets hidden in the cavern. Find the secret village!
  • Zoom/unzoom the map
  • Save your game but once the save is loaded, the save file is removed to keep the roguelike mind.
  • Crafting system create lasers, walls, bandages, medipacks and a lot of crazy stuff
  • NPC and Quests. Help workers and peasants in their struggle against GemStone!
  • 3 differents diseases be careful!

State of development

Lost Cavern is currently in Beta version You can follow Lost Cavern news here! Discord There also is a subreddit: r/LostCavern

Lost Cavern is now available on Android!

Screenshots of the Android version

Lc1.jpg Lc2.jpg Lc3.PNG Lc4.PNG

Screenshots of the PC version

Rec.gif Home.png Welcome.png Select.png Story.png Craft.png Laser.png Village.png