Lost Labyrinth DX

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Lost Labyrinth DX
Stable game
Developer Johan Jansen
Theme Fantasy
Influences Hack, Lost Labyrinth
Released Aug 24, 2018 (0.14.0)
Updated Jan 27, 2024 (2.1.0)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length short
Official site of Lost Labyrinth DX
Lost Labyrinth DX is a coffeebreak roguelike

Lost Labyrinth DX is a coffeebreak roguelike, designed to be played in 10 to 40 minutes. It is a enhanced edition remake of the older Lost Labyrinth roguelike.


Lost Labyrinth DX features:

  • Very high replayability because everything is created at random!
  • "Zelda"-inspired console-type graphics with mouse/keyboard-driven GUI, smooth scrolling and animations
  • Over 140 unique traits to choose from (every player needs another tactic!)
  • More than 359 unique magical spells, skills and abilities
  • Defeat over 330 unique monsters
  • No experience gain for killing monsters (only for reaching new levels!)
  • Classic roguelike graphics agumented with modern xBRZ algorithms for high resolution rendering
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Digital sound effects
  • Immense number of character "options/traits/skills" (no character "classes"); point-based character generation; each character requires his own survival strategy
  • Game focus on exploration instead of killing monsters; experience is gained by reaching a new dungeon level and consists of an increase in a character attribute chosen by the player (no character "levels")
  • Labyrinthine structure of dungeon levels; randomly generated "special" rooms every dungeon level, the rest consists of twisted mazes and hallways filled with monsters, traps and treasure (and, of course, the hidden exit to the next level)
  • The labyrinth starts small and gets larger with each new dungeon level
  • The monsters are not moving, but blocking access to other parts of the labyrinth (it's even possible to sneak past them instead of fighting)
  • Randomly generated special levels (goblin caves, lava caverns, underground forest...)
  • Dynamic lighting system
  • Recharge of hit points and mana (spellpoints) is achieved by reaching special parts of the dungeon instead of waiting
  • Collect the 7 hidden parts of the Staff of the Great Covenant to win the game, or simply go deeper and deeper as the game gets progressively more and more difficult
  • Autosaving with permadeath
  • Up to 4 players with hot-seat multiplayer
  • Freeware
  • Supports full Japanese translation
  • Portable versions across Windows, Macintosh and Linux

Lost Labyrinth DX 0.14.0 screenshot

Main Menu


The Great Forest

Versions and platforms

First version was released in 2018 numbered 0.14.0 (Linux+Windows), dated August 23, 2018.

On April 23th 2022 version 1.9.3 was released which added native support for MacOS X.

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