Lotus, a town for rogues

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Lotus, a town for rogues
Stable game
Developer Andrew Wright (@roocey)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue, Angband
Released 2016 (7DRL)
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Licensing http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
P. Language Python 2.7
Platforms Windows
Interface Primarily keyboard
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of Lotus, a town for rogues

Lotus, a town for rogues is a relatively classic dungeon diver. The goal is to collect orbs of experience and spend them in town to gain a variety of upgrades.

Lotus was created in 7 days for 7DRL 2016 and will receive additional updates in the near future.


  • 26 enemies
  • 27 floors
  • 3 different ways to upgrade your character
  • Tactical terrain (sounds fun, doesn't it?)

Planned features:

  • More everything
  • A runic system for weapons (ala Brogue or DCSS)
  • New terrain types
  • Additional types of equipment (e.g., armor)