Mad Mage

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Mad Mage
7drl 2011
Developer wiglud
Theme Identify
Influences A Quest Too Far, Alphabit Rogue
Released March 12, 2011
Updated March 7, 2011
Licensing GPL
P. Language C++, curses
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Terminal, Keyboard
Game Length 1 hr
Official site of Mad Mage

"Hrrm... now, what did that scroll do again? Oh, I think this one is supposed to be Identi- ***BOOM***"

The Gimmick

Mad Mage is about subverting the Identification minigame in Roguelikes. Roguelikes commonly expose the player to new and mysterious items, whose properties are not immediately clear until said item is tried or identified.

In Mad Mage, you start with all potions and scrolls IDed, but you'll slowly forget the identifications...


  • One forgetful wizard packing shitloads of scrolls and potions
  • 6 Monster Types, 16 scroll types, 10 potion types
  • 5 Endings
  • Reviewer Mode
  • Stash items in your clothes and manage a voluminous (but ever-shifting) pack
  • Lazy vision and pathfinding..,
  • No Save/Load

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