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Melee is close quarter physical combat.

In most roguelikes bumping into an enemy with the normal movement interface causes a melee attack.

Melee attacks are typically not guaranteed to hit. The specific mechanics of such combat vary greatly from game to game and these differences are frequently a fundamental feature of the gameplay experience.

Most roguelikes feature a wielded weapon or two which will be used automatically during attacks. The worn armor and shield of the target will affect the outcome.

Some common considerations when designing a melee system include

  • Can they be dodged?
  • Are they blockable?
  • Can specific body parts be targeted?
  • Are there secondary effects from an attack?
    • Magical effects might be triggered
    • Durability of armor hit might be reduced
  • Are there bonuses and/or penalties based on opponents equipment?
  • Which stats apply at which stages of the attack?
  • Are there stances allowing adjusted chances of hitting, damaging, etc.?