Middle Realms - Lords of Waste

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Middle Realms
Alpha Project
Developer Devin Martin
Theme Role-Playing Game
Influences Caves of Qud/Dwarf Fortress/Cogmind/Skyrim/Runescape
Released Still in development
Updated Still in development
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard
Game Length ?
Official site of Middle Realms

Middle Realms is a Role-Playing Roguelike inspired by the likes of Dwarf Fortress and Skyrim, the open world contains generated Countries, Nations, Creatures, Plants, Magic, Materials, Laws, and much more! The game is playable in an ASCII mode and a Tile mode!

Lords of Waste is currently in development, the progress can be followed here >>> [1] Progress is uploaded almost every day!


LordsofWaste mushrooms-screenshot-0.png

LordsofWaste river-screenshot-0.png

LordsofWaste magic temperature.gif