Mysterious Space

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Mysterious Space
Stable game
Developer Ben Hendel-Doying
Theme Sci-fi action space shooter
Influences Rogue Crystal Quest
Released March 15th, 2014 (0.1.0)
Updated June 14th, 2017 (0.10.2)
Licensing Closed Source Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard, Gamepad, XBox 360 gamepad
Game Length a few minutes to an hour
Official site of Mysterious Space


Originally made for 7DRL 2014, Mysterious Space tasks you with delving deep into the ZZ-Omega sector to recover an important piece of information, and to return with that information in one piece.

To get there, you'll have to stop at planets along the way to find much-needed fuel.

Arm yourself with procedurally-generated weapons, armors, and shields to defeat the enemies that stand in your way.


  • Worlds of ice, forest, lava, and others! Plumb their procedurally-generated depths in search of fuel and other items!
  • Local co-op, up to five players! (One player can use the keyboard; the others will need Xbox controllers.)
  • "Alien Artifacts" and "Advanced Technology", analogous to potions and scrolls: does the Red Alien Artifact repair armor, this game? Or will it scramble your sensors for 5 seconds?
  • Various enemies, and a few mini-bosses, with distinct movement patterns/AI...
  • Procedurally-generated weapons, shields, armor, and accessories to equip yourself with
  • Upgrade Parts, which you can collect and use to further customize your ship!
  • "Secret logs" that reveal the lore of the world (galaxy? universe?)
  • Unlockable ships, and other components, offering different play-styles and optional challenges.

Profits go to Charity

The vast majority of profits are being donated to non-profit organizations, focusing on those that are interested in space, health, and education, including The Planetary Society, the Project for Awesome, and Games for Change. A full list is available here.