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Neon roguelike engine
Alpha Project
Developer mdriesen
Theme Fantasy
Influences The Elder Scrolls, ADOM
Released 28.08.2007
Updated 25.09.2014 - 0.4.2
Licensing GPL
P. Language Java, JavaScript
Platforms Java 7
Interface Unicode, SVG, keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Neon roguelike engine

Neon is a roguelike engine. It features a huge overland map with fixed or random dungeons, and an editor to edit all game data. Gameplay is inspired by the Elder Scrolls games, especially Daggerfall and Morrowind. The looks are inspired by ADOM.



Neon is not a single game, but an engine that can run roguelike adventures. All data needed for a specific game is stored in a set of XML files. These files are loaded when starting the engine. This allows anyone to create their own adventure without the need to write any Java code (although some JavaScript is still necessary for the random quest system). All the ugly bits are taken care of.


The engine can handle truly huge maps. The main world map for testing in the alpha version measures 40800 x 27400 tiles, but can be much bigger (a map 50 times as big was tested). This overland map is on the same scale as the dungeons and scrolls with the player character centered on screen. Multi-level dungeons with branching zones are fully supported.


A game data editor is included with the engine. It supports editing nearly all game data. The Darkness Falls sample game was built using the editor.

Current work


The engine itself is nearly feature-complete, apart from cleaning up bugs and improving the existing infrastructure. Most work is now focusing on the actual gameplay. At the moment, this mainly means improving the questing system.


Editing maps is still somewhat awkward, but fully usable. The vector editor will be improved in coming releases.