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Stable game
Developer Erik Walle
Theme Classic Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Final Fantasy
Released May 2022 (stable) v1.0 ({{{relver}}})
Updated May 2024 (stable) v1.32 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Free-to-play
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Android, Web
Interface Touch screen
Game Length Tiny
Official site of Overworld

Main Features

  • Berlin-compliant in 10 minutes - Built for speedy mobile play, Overworld compacts complex game elements into bite-sized execution.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master - 35 heroes with 5 difficulty levels. Full tutorial compliments story mode to welcome new players.
  • Beautiful minimalist 8-bit - All strategic options are visible on one screen. No keyboard required, single-tap inputs.
  • Snappy dialogue - Text is short and funny, translating well to other languages. Items, monsters, and heroes are instantly recognizable.
  • On the go - Designed for one-handed touch phone use, Overworld delivers a full roguelike experience many times over in one journey.


A mini adventure game easy to play on any device! Explore rich tactical play in 10 minute sessions. Play as one of 35 fantasy heroes, each with unique abilities and style. Overworld is a traditional roguelike designed for accessibility and fun.


Evil magic from the Underworld is affecting the animals above. Many have begun attacking humans! A hero is needed to go to the Underworld, but first they must pass the gatekeeper, a guardian who demands quests of our hero.


The player's strategic options and surroundings are visible on one screen. Players try to complete quests and pass the gatekeeper, or are slain. Each turn, the player can move in one of the 8 cardinal directions. They can also rest, and drop, pick up, or use items. Only 1 of each type of item (weapon, armor, tool, scroll, action) can be held at once. Every action causes the level meter to fill. If the user does not win in a certain amount of time, they will be attacked by more and more creatures and finally a blue god. High scores are achieved by killing lots of different beasts and using different items.



Overworld paladin.png Overworld sorceress.png

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