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Developer Lone Spelunker
Theme pirates
Influences Dwarf Fortress
Status Stable
Released 2018
P. Language HTML5/Javascript
Platforms Web
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length short: ?, to-beat: hours
Official site of Piratical


"Piratical" puts you in the boots of a pirate out for revenge on the dreaded Captain Bloodbeard. He is strong, and protected by eldritch magics, so you will need the assistance of the townspeople to prepare you for the battle that is to come.

Piratical features:

  • Strong pirate theme.
  • Playable in quick, short bursts.
  • Multi-layered levels, featuring underwater areas and above-water areas and a swimming/oxygen mechanic.
  • You start out hale and hearty, and over time, you get hooks, peg legs, eye patches, etc., which make you weaker, but give you new capabilities.
  • Treasure maps! Peg legs! Eye patches! Hooks! Flintlocks! Sunken ships! And of course, rum!

"Piratical" was made for the 2018 7DRL competition.