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Developer Rat King Entertainment
Theme Fantasy
Influences Board Games
Released 2011
Updated March 2011 (v1.1), May 2011 (iOS), February 2012 (PC), July 2012 (v1.5c), July 2013 (Android)
Licensing Freeware (Desktop, Web), Commercial (iOS, Desktop, Web, Android)
P. Language Unity3D, C#
Platforms Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android
Interface 3D, Mouse + Keyboard (Desktop), Touch (iOS, Android)
Game Length Medium
Official site of Pitman


You are Krumb, a dwarven pitman with the quest for mighty artifacts. On your journey through mysterious mines, swamps and dungeons you will encounter many dangerous enemies, from the malicious cave goblins to the enormous trolls. Drink from health fountains, open treasure chests, collect a wide range of food, weapons and magical items and use them wisely - to eventually stand your ground against the perils that await you!


  • 3D graphics - translate, rotate, zoom!
  • boardgame style - build the world while playing
  • inventory - can be extended by training strength
  • sounds and music

7DRLC 2011

"Pitman Krumb" was made within 7 days for the 7DRLC 2011 and contains 6 dungeon levels.


The game got an overhaul in terms of GUI and balancing and renamed to "Pitman". It also has two additional dungeons. The controls were separately adapted for both sizes - iPhone and iPad. There also is a free version for testing it.

Commercial PC-Version

Some months later Pitman was yet again commercially released on Windows and Mac (based on the iOS version), with somewhat improved controls and gameplay balancing. The demo is playable on Kongregate, the full version can be bought in the shop of Rat King.


The Android version is the latest port of Pitman and was released in July 2013. It is pretty much the same as the iOS version, but wasn't compiled with the Pro edition of Unity3D's Android plugin. Thus it's a bit cheaper, as the performance might be worse on some devices. Controls were optimized to work with a wide variety of resolutions and screen sizes.