Purge Persist and Profit!

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Purge, Persist, and Profit! 7DRL 2018

  • Kill alien bugs for corporate gain.
  • See beautiful original pixel art that wants to hurt you.
  • Turn-Based Grid-Based Classical Rogue-like Action!
  • Complete game with help file and global stat tracking.
  • You will die!
  • With each mission, gain money to spend on future adventures.
  • Community milestones grant rewards to all players.
  • No bump to attack?!

Anonymous data is collected from all games tracking things like monsters killed, distance traveled, company stock awards, etc. When the player community reaches certain milestones, all players will be rewarded with bonus money to outfit their future expeditions. The game does not require any sign-in process, nor does it collect *any* data except for end-of-game stats.

Also available for Android devices on Google Play