Resident Evil RL

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Resident Evil RL
Stable game
Developer samspot
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Resident Evil
Released 2019 7DRL (pre-alpha tech demo) ({{{relver}}})
Updated March 17, 2019 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Freeware, Open source
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Web
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Coffeebreak
Official site of Resident Evil RL

An XRL based on the Resident Evil series. You play as a boss from Resident Evil 1, the Tyrant, and your goal is to kill 5 special forces members sent to stop you. The core mechanic is that you can infect other characters to play as them, which gives you unique skills and statistics.

The game was created for 7DRL 2019. Dev blogs, github links and more can be found at the game page on