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This is a list of articles that could be added to RogueBasin. You can add to the list or start an article yourself.

  • Various formula pages. RogueBasin would be a great place to get tried-and-true formulae for things like exp to level, hp (or other stat) gains on level, and other such things. Reinventing and testing such formulae can take much more time than programming the rest of a roguelike.
  • Nazghul - Very similar to roguelikes. Download and info. Last updated in July 2006. (Added page as stub)
  • Ramble Home - Roguelike. Download and info. Last updated in February 2005.
  • Vrogue - Alternate, vore-themed version of Brogue. Contains explicit content. Eka's Portal page can be found here.
  • Alchemist - An alchemy-focused roguelike in development by Spellweaver, who is posting updates on his YouTube channel. There are currently no public builds.

Also, the list of wanted pages contains many ideas for articles. Many stubs wait to be fleshed out.