Rogue Frontier

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Rogue Frontier
Stable game
Developer Alex "INeedAUniqueUsername" Chen
Theme Science fiction, Space opera
Influences Transcendence
Released April 1, 2020 ({{{relver}}})
Updated TBA ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open Source, non-commercial
P. Language C-Sharp
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Graphical tiles
Game Length TBD
Official site of Rogue Frontier

Rogue Frontier is a real-time space-opera rogue-lite set in an alternate universe of George Moromisato's Transcendence. In Rogue Frontier, the player is called by a 'Voice' (a galactic deity) known as The Orator to leave home, travel across star systems to a place called the Celestial Center, and fight the forces of a Voice known as The Dictator. During the journey, the player will need to cross active conflict zones between the United Constellation and its many enemies.

Compared to the source material, Rogue Frontier has more emphasis on persistence and simulation - factions actively engage in warfare; ships travel between systems; enemies can pursue the player through stargates; and systems update even while the player is elsewhere. Most resources and their sources (e.g. enemies) are non-renewable. Taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild, Rogue Frontier also features durability on weapons and armor. As an ASCII-style game, Rogue Frontier has a strong emphasis on animation and aesthetics.

Rogue Frontier is currently in Alpha stage and supported entirely by one programmer's free time.