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Stable game
Developer Almondbun
Theme Fantasy
Influences Moria, Angband, Dark Souls
Released 29 May 2023 (0.1 A1)
Updated 14 Jun 2023 (0.1 A5)
Licensing Apache 2.0
P. Language C#, Unity
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 1 - 2 hours
Official site of Roguefallen


Roguefallen is a traditional turn-based roguelike in the spirit of games like Moria and Angband.

This game is still in early development. Yet version 0.1 is fully playable.

Dive into a 10-level-dungeon and defeat dozens of monsters and two bosses. Collect your equipment, use dozens of items and develop your character to face growing challenges.


14.06.2023: Version 0.1A5 released:

   * 4 new axes each with a special talent
   * New axe skill with 7 new talents: axes focus on damage output and area of effect damage
   * Buffs to the blunt weapon skill tree
   * More weapons can be bought in shops

07.06.2023: Version 0.1A4 released:

   * New Shield Skill including 9 new talents!
   * Block with your shield, parry, bash or throw your shield at your enemies
   * Only show visual tile effects if the tile itself is visible
   * Talent Panel now shows a cooldown timer and better marks activated substained talents
   * New exhaustion mechanism: Increases movement time if stamina is zero
   * Bugfix: no longer able to stack item piles of different types
   * Save/Load bugfixes


Downloadable binaries

Public GitHub-Repository