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Roguelike Mobile
Beta Project
Developer Bas_Ameschot
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released 13/11/2009
Updated -
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language J2ME
Platforms Any device that has a JVM for J2ME, MIDP 2.0
Interface Tiles, Keypad
Game Length 1 Hour
[ Official site of Roguelike Mobile]

Roguelike Mobile is a very simple roguelike that falls in the category of cofeebreak roguelikes. It is the first roguelike of the author.


  • all items, monsters, dungeon, villages, ruins and overworld are random
  • easy to play, the game contains only the very basics
  • Ascii based
  • plays on most java enabled mobile phones

How To Play

You start out as a '@' on the world map, you can move around on the map and enter instances or wildernes. In dungeons, ruins and the wilderness you can fight monsters and find items.

you can fight monsters by walking into them, the game resolves the combat automaticly

You can use items by going to the inventory menu and equip them into your equipment slots, you can also de-equip items and discard them there. The stats of each item are displayed above the selected item.

By equiping an item with a number of uses higher than -1 you can eat/drink te item, however the uses are reduced by one each time you move.

By fighting monsters you win experiance and gain levels, each level gains you a number of skillpoints that can be allocated to a skill. there are 5 skills you can allocate points to:

  • Strenght, the amount of damage you do and the amount of items you can carry (We)
  • Defence, the amount of damage you take and the amount of hitpoints you have (HP)
  • Attack Skill, the chance you have of hitting the target
  • Defence Skill, the chance the target has of hitting you
  • Intelligence, the chance you have on avoiding a hit or scoring a critical hit

You can rest in villages using the rest button and sell items to villagers by standing next to them and going to the Barter menu,


  • Arrow Keys: move the character, scroll trough menu items
  • Fire key: sell item, equip Item, goto instance,allocate skillpoint
  • A key: previous menu
  • B key: next menu
  • C key: de-equip items, rest
  • D key: drop item, save

N.B The keys mentioned above are the J2ME keys. They can correspond to any keys on the keyboard of your device, the only way to find out how they are bound on your device is trough trial and error.


As the roguelike is written in J2ME it should run on any phone that has J2ME compatability, unfortunatly no all phones have J2ME implemented the same way so no garantees can be given.

The phones that do work are:

  • Any Nokia phone running on S40 or higher (altough there is no touchscreen support)
  • Any windows mobile phone with an Esmertech JVM

The rest may work or may not work, if you phone is not listed above you can always try. The worst that can happen is that the menus are drawn incorrectly or the game doesn't save.


Get the game here


The game is not yet half finished, many features can still be added and will be added over time, however the game is developed in a less feverish pace than before it was published.