Roguelike Runner

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Roguelike Runner
Beta Project
Developer Placate The Cattin
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Released January 17, 2013
Updated February 5, 2013
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Java
Platforms Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux(unstable)
Interface Graphical, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Medium, but not too medium
Official site of Roguelike Runner



If a Roguelike and a Runner had a baby, that baby might play this game.


  • Froblins
  • Tree Monsters
  • Transmutable Equipment
  • 3 EXCITING classes: Warrior, Archer, and Runner!
  • Also, there's a bird!
  • Did I mention Froblins?

Game Play

Run from the knights as you venture deeper into the forest. Fight monsters; open chests; drink from fountains. Make it far enough and you may even find a shrine which holds the power to defeat the knights! Or just hug trees. You know, whatever you're into.