Sigil of Kings

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Sigil of Kings
Alpha Project
Developer User:Byte Arcane
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, and non RL: Might & Magic VI (NWC), Majesty, Space Rangers
Released not yet
Updated not yet
Licensing Closed source
P. Language C++ and CSharp
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length many hours
Official site of Sigil of Kings

Sigil of Kings is a turn-based fantasy roguelike/RPG, set in an expansive procedurally generated world, displayed in colorful 16-bit pixel art. Explore dungeons, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, discover secrets and find lost artifacts that can turn the tides against the battle with an unknown cosmic threat. Make your mark in a living, breathing world of adventure, allegiances and intrigue: join and rise through the ranks of guilds, or contribute to the rise or fall of cities through adventure, protection, force or subterfuge.


Warring cities, monster sightings, undead rising, and now inter-dimensional terrors, entering through rifts. As a seeker's guild apprentice, you must find the fragments of a lost sigil, whose incantation can close the rifts and bring peace to the land.

Features (in various stages of completion)

  • Embark on an adventure in a huge world, featuring cities, dungeons, mines, ruins, towers, caves and many more locations
  • Explore procedurally generated levels with handcrafted elements, for endless variety
  • Fight using melee or ranged weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, but also enabling access to several special abilities
  • Cast a variety of spells: shoot fireballs, conjure minions, buff or curse creatures (or yourself), manipulate creatures or the environment, and more
  • Avoid or surprise enemies with stealth, using silence and darkness to your advantage. But beware, as your enemies can use stealth against you too!
  • Interact with the environment: move objects, light torches, handle levers, reveal secrets, and more
  • Visit cities and use their services: get quests, visit shops or guild chapters
  • Join guilds and rise through their ranks, complete quests, and get access to powerful abilities and allies, but be careful of rivalries with other guilds
  • Train with masters to improve your skills, unlocking new passive and active abilities at different mastery levels. Become a jack-of-all trades or a master of few, in a classless skill-based RPG system.
  • Permadeath-unless-insured: death is final ... unless you get resurrected by allies, items, or other means
  • Complete quests and missions to retrieve artifacts or improve your standing with cities, guilds or individuals
  • Dynamic time and weather: day & night cycle, rain, snow, fog, heat haze
  • Fully customize your character's in-game appearance, including different haircuts, skin color, and currently equipped items
  • Experience a living, breathing world: city-states maintain their land with influence, affected by the actions of villains, other heroes and yourself
  • Procedurally generated worlds: Re-roll the world generation stage to get a completely new world, with more land or sea, different climates, different cities, relationships, guilds and locations of everything



deeper_water.png carnage_lodge.png webs_1.png dungeon_prison.png EdVrhw8.png 1vhg0Et.png