Stink Warrior

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Stink Warrior
Developer Jakob Virgil
Theme Human Misery, Smells, Irony
Influences Omega, Adom, Larn, NetHack,Goblin Men,Brogue,smart kobold,IVAN
Released all at once
Updated 10/9/2013
Licensing [free distribution of binaries]
P. Language Java
Platforms DOS,Windows
Interface keyboard
Game Length about 3 hours you will never get back
Official site of Stink Warrior


Stink Warrior is a 3.5 day rogue-like written to explore the concept of diffusion gradient pathing. the title text explains it best.

"You have heroically battled through twenty-six levels of evil slaughtering all that would stand in your way. (Except for those blind naked mole rats they did not trouble you and your alignment is lawful good so there would have been experience penalties) You Vacuumed up every useful potion, wand, ring, scroll, weapon and scrap of armor. luckily so, your epic battle against the Dark Under-Lord Demon Emperor Balrog-Wizard Master Lich Lobh-Se of Yendor required nearly every bit of it. You were nearly broken beaten and cursed within an inch of your life. you were soaked in demon ichor and bile so now you just have to make it home with the cure for you daughters dianthroritis and take a long hot anachronistic shower to get this awful stink off of you. You have won .... boy do you smell bad"

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