Switch Hook

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Switch Hook
Developer Watabou
Theme Fantasy
Influences Zelda, Hoplite
Released Mar 13, 2016
Updated Mar 29, 2016
Licensing GPL, Freeware
P. Language Haxe
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Android
Interface Pixel art, mouse
Game Length very short
Official site of Switch Hook

Switch Hook is a coffeebreak roguelike


In the game you control a hero equipped with a switch hook (http://zeldawiki.org/Switch_Hook). This fancy device lets you switch places with monsters dealing them some damage on the way. When there are few monsters on a level and they are weak and slow, you can use the hook like a ranged weapon without much thought, but later in the game you'll need to choose a right target each turn and use walls, columns and passages to avoid enemies' attacks. There are 20 tiny levels and 8 types of monsters in the game. All monsters except basic "undead warriors" have some uniques features, for example some of them can't be damaged by the hook and others explode when they die.


  • 20 levels
  • 7 types of monsters
  • Deterministic combat
  • Pixel-art graphics
  • Simple sound effects

Open source

https://github.com/watabou/switch-hook (GPLv3)