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The Chronicles Of Doryen
Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Jice
Theme D&Dish stock fantasy
Influences Guild Wars, Oblivion, Fable, The Witcher
Licensing freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length several hours
Official site of The Chronicles Of Doryen

The Chronicles Of Doryen (or TCOD) is a roguelike in development since 2006. The main objectives of TCOD are :

  • to push the visual limits of ASCII RPG.
  • to create a ASCII hack'n slash RPG accessible to casual players who are not used to the complex interfaces generally used in the roguelikes.

Some of the fancy features :

  • true color ASCII mode
  • real time

The base classes of TCOD are available under the BSD license in the Doryen library.

The Doryen arena, pyromancer and The cave are sub-projects that experiment gameplay mechanisms for Tcod.