Terminal Assassin

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Terminal Assassin is a coffeebreak roguelike
Terminal Assassin
Beta Project
Developer Memmaker
Theme Modern
Influences Hitman series
Released 2023 Jan 5
Updated 2023 Aug 19 (Open Source)
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Go
Platforms Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length ~ half an hour
Official site of Terminal Assassin

Title screen
Gameplay scene of Terminal Assassin
Screenshot of the career viewer

The goal of this project is to build a community driven assassination sandbox game.

Instead of random level generation, this game focuses on user created content and thus comes with a full featured map/mission editor.

NOTE: The current beta release does only contain one pre-built demo mission. However, it is possible to use the mission editor to create some playable maps right now.

Core Design

  • Real-time assassination sandbox gameplay
  • Map / Mission editor
  • Will track your kills over your career

Feature completion status

  • Movement [DONE]
  • Item interactions (Pickup, Drop, Prev/Next, Choose from Menu, Use) [DONE]
  • Enemy alert states and schedules [DONE]
  • Doors & Windows can be opened, closed and windows can be broken [DONE]
  • Picking Locks [DONE]
  • Create distractions [DONE]
  • Melee Kills & Take downs [DONE]
  • Send to Sleep [DONE]
  • Thrown Weapons [DONE]
  • Ranged Weapons [DONE]
  • Environmental Kills
  • Hide in:
    • Closets [DONE]
    • Bushes
    • the masses
  • Leaning around corners [DONE]
  • Dragging & Hiding Bodies [WIP]
  • Explosives [DONE]
  • Poison (Emetic & Lethal) [DONE]
  • Disguises [WIP]
  • Sniping [DONE]
  • Private Areas [DONE]
  • Bodyguards [PLANNED]
  • System based interactions (eg. water+electricity) [WIP]
  • Story missions / NPC Interactions [PLANNED]
  • Cameras [PLANNED]
  • Dragging corpses leaves a blood trail [DONE]
  • You can use a piece of cloth to wipe away blood, oil and water [DONE]

Command Line Arguments

The game currently accepts two command line arguments, changing how the game is displayed.

You can pass the string "fullscreen" to the executable in order to start it in fullscreen mode.

Additionally, you can provide an integer as command line argument, defining the tile size in pixels.


Keybindings for gameplay
Action Keys
Movement w,a,s,d
Interact with tile below e
Interact in cardinal directions i,j,k,l
Peek in cardinal directions t,f,g,h
Show inventory q
Begin aiming Space
Fire after aiming Mouse Left Click
Drop item x
Put item away c


Gamepad Button Mapping for Terminal Assassin

Directed interactions

You can interact with objects in five directions: The four cardinal directions around you (N,E,S,W) and the objects on the tile you are standing on.

There is a dedicated button for triggering context actions in each of these directions.

The status line will show you which directional button will equate to which action at any time.

Sneaking context actions

Some actions are performed implicitly through the act of sneaking.

Sneaking is achieved by just go very slow between tiles.

In addition to being more stealthy when moving, sneaking can also be used to perform the following actions:

  • Equip a cleaning rag and sneak over a blood splatter to wipe it away.
  • Sneak over a body to drag it to a better place.

There is a dedicated sneaking button, enabling you to easily slow down your movement while pressed.

Mission Editor

Global Keybindings for Editor
Action Keys
Switch to Map mode F1
Switch to Item mode F2
Switch to Object mode F3
Switch to Actor mode F4
Switch to Task mode F5
Switch to Clothes mode F6
Switch to Zone mode F7
Test gameplay F9
Save map F11
Load map F12, l
Keybindings for Map mode
Action Keys
Open Tile Menu Space
Place tile Mouse Left Click
Keybindings for Item mode
Action Keys
Open Item Menu Space
Place item Mouse Left Click
Keybindings for Object mode
Action Keys
Open Object Menu Space
Place object Mouse Left Click
Keybindings for Actor mode
Action Keys
Add actor a
Quick add actor q
Select leader for actor f - while actor is selected
Rename actor r - while actor is selected
Change actor look direction d - while actor is selected
Toggle actor type t - while actor is selected
Delete selected actor Backspace
Keybindings for Task mode
Action Keys
Add task a
Decrease Task time s - while task is selected
Increase Task time d - while task is selected
Delete selected task Backspace
Keybindings for Clothes mode
Action Keys
Open Clothes Menu Space
Place clothes Mouse Left Click

Community involvement

I hope people will like this project and might want to contribute.

Join the Discord Server if you are interested.