Terra Magna

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Terra Magna
Alpha Project
Developer Archpriest_of_Fate
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dungeon Crawl, ADOM, Mount&Blade
Released 2018
Updated June 8 2019 (v.
Licensing Freeware (beerware), Closed source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard, Graphical tiles
Game Length Infinitely
Official site of Terra Magna


Terra Magna is a hardcore fantasy roguelike, placed in large world.

The key feature of Terra Magna is cross-genre gameplay - it is RPG/strategy, where player is able to lead dwellers of Terra Magna in massive fights, filled with medieval weapon and magic. The world of Terra Magna will be divided into many factions, which will interact with each other in politics as well as on the battlefield. Right now we've took our place in fight between Goblin Union of Haalt, dwelers of The Goblin Forests, and The Yellow Empire, powerful human invaders.

Also battle system is considered to be quite complex and realistic. To improve realism most of skills are capped for classes-archetypes and depends on the size of creatures.

Another key feature is weapon types and magic schools, which are considering as unique ways to harm opponents, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Magic is planned to be divided into 5 circles by power and 3 levels in addition. Adepts, masters and great masters will have unique spells of each circle, and that's planned to include at least 15 levels in each magic school plus unique Archmages' ones.

Right now it's Alpha version of the project, and is currently in active (but quite lazy) development, which was started in April 2018.

Current features

Battle system features

- Realistic system of bodyparts and internal organs

- Different health effects, which affect creature's battle efficiency

- Very complex, but logical battle system, including different bonuses and penalties, getting through course of fight or positioning (read description of characteristics in [C]haracter menu)

- Tactic system (landscape bonuses and penalties)

- Training of skills with their using

- 3 archetypes of creatures (warriors, archers and mages)

- Limited escape from tactic map (100 turns in fights or some distance between you and your opponents outside it)

- Every magic school is strong with their effects - Fire magic burns everyone in spell area, Air allows damage control, throws opponents and lowers their offense

- Two bodyguards from officers of your party can follow you in every locality by your will


- 2 magic schools (Air, Fire - adept's level)

- one-handed and two-handed melee weapon - scaled bonuses for two-handed, but no shield

- 12 types of melee weapon (common: cut, pierce, blunt; exotic: polearm, lash, bec de corbin, flail, energy, flame-bladed, double bladed polearm, axe, dagger)

- 3 types of ranged weapon (bows, crossbows and throwing)

- 4 types of shields (bucklers, round shields, kite shields and pavises)

- 8 types of armor (poor clothes, common clothes, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, artifact armor, named artifact armor, magic clothes)

- 17 types of creatures' social role (merchants, guild members, peasants, strangers, light infantry, medium infantry, heavy infantry, sergeants, lietenants, captains, adepts of magic, heroes, legendary heroes, demigods, lords, warmasters, kings)

- 28 types of furnitures

- 5 types of houses (hermit's wooden house, village dweller's wooden house, crystal wizard tower, stone house-lodge, stone donjon)

- 4 types of tactic map (wilderness, village map, wizard tower map, castle map)

- 6 types of tactic biomes (meadow, swamp, ravines, hilly plain, forest, plain)

- 143 quotes to appear in main menu and to be engraved on items

- 1 type of quests (headhunting)

Global map

- Tactic and global map (only 1 region right now, 200*200 tiles)

- 11 types of moving parties (patrols, farmers, strangers, militia, bandits, groups of magicians, bodyguards, retinue, scout party, army party, war party)

- 8 types of stable parties (capitals, its districts, provincial cities, villages, castles, wizard towers, free cities and bandit camps) Currently its available to interact with 7 of them on the global map, and go to the tactic map of 3 of these settlements.

- Hour-based and locality-based spawn on the global map

- Different AI for different types of parties

- Hiring system (party consists of named officers as well as squads of soldiers, there is a limitation of hiring per day in one locality)

- Payment system

- Rebellion/desertion system (if some payments are rejected or party size is large)

- Casualties system (squads maintains their full size till party will not suffer enough casualties to annihilate entire squad)

- Buying and selling equipment in shops

- Calendar

- Declaring player as member of another faction with cost based on his previous deeds (once per 5 days)

- 6 factions (The Yellow Empire, Goblin Union of Haalt, trivial humans, bandits, outsiders, Free Cities)

Another features

- Banditism (doing evil things like robbery, marauding and aggression can turn the player into bandit or even outsider, if there are any witnesses)

- Total mastery requirement of high quality items

- Adaptation of magic books

- Tile system (577 tiles)

- Sound system on the tactic map

- Random generation of content

- Permanent death

- Savescum defense


Global map with new tiles


This demigod, i guess, can lucky annihilate entire patrol squad (look at his endurance above log)


Village. So peaceful place. And it can be the paradise for robbers.


Very epic fight between human war party of aristokrat and goblin war party, commanded by the goblin king. There are about 400 creatures by each side, but now in the FOV we can see about 100 at all.



1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

2. At least 1280*960 screen size.

3. Not too bad CPU and RAM.


Version (b157) - 16 Mb - second release of Alpha: [1]

Save with Shift+ESC. Advanced keys in the .pdf file inside.

Contact developer

You can place there any bugreports or contact developer in comments or via e-mail: [2] (ModDB)