The Abyss of Nah-Karr

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The Abyss of Nah-Karr
Defunct Game
Developer Ddragoon AKA John Sanderson
Theme Fantasy (planned)
Influences NetHack, Rogue
Released 2005 ({{{relver}}})
Updated 2005 (0.3 Alpha) ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Closed source, Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length ~1 hour
Official site of The Abyss of Nah-Karr

ANK is a defunct roguelike game (similar to NetHack or Angband). From the site you will be able to access the forums, recent updates or even code modifications. ANK is my first game that I have ever made in C++. If you wish to you can join the team e-mail me, currently I wouldn't mind a person to help code a 2d graphics engine for animated tiles.


Currently, there isn't much of a story for ANK but it will probably be something allong the lines of ... reach the bottom of the dungeon to kill "The Deamon of Nah-Karr" and get the whimsical gem. I will probably also leave it at a cliff hanger as I want to make an expantion pack (probably on the surface of the world). To begin with, though, there won't be much of a story.


Features I would like to include in the Final Version would be multiplayer (surreal time), surface world, town, wilderness, etc. Think HackBand and you'll get an idea of what i'm thinking :P

Milestone 2: RELEASED!

ANK 0.3 Alpha is now available from the downloads page on the ANK Website. Amongst other things the main new features in this build are colour, a basic inventory and a simple AI. In my next release (some time in november) I will add a more functional Inventory, Pick-upable items, Attacking Monsters and A Final Level! I hope you look forward to it! P.s. sorry about the lack of forums I will install them over the next week hopefully!

Due 1st October 2005


The Homepage is: