The Hardest Dungeon

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The Hardest Dungeon is a roguelike-like action role playing game that is very focused on team management and survival.

This game comes with very high difficulties as hinted by the name. Dungeon level is randomized so that every play through is different.

The player's target is to collect "The Deck of Mulark", the first ever Tarot Deck created by the antagonist's ancestors with immense power that can alter the world.

Player will control a team of 6 heroes to advance through the vast Dungeon of Kalok, overcome different dangers, and try keeping each team member alive.

Similarities to Roguelikes

The Hardest Dungeon features a world similar to most dungeon crawlers, with multi-level dungeons.

However, there is no town setup and buying supplies is through finding the wandering vendor during dungeon adventure.

The dungeons are randomly generated with a set theme each stage, there are different types of trap randomly placed throughout the dungeon.

Player has to find the key from dead monsters and defeat the mini boss before proceeding to a major boss stage.

Combat is hack'n'slash focused with 3 skills assigned to each hero controlled by the 3 common mouse buttons (LMB, MMB AND RMB).

Inventory management is very simple as the only item that could be looted is "gems".

Weapons and equipment are handled automatically. An existing item will be upgraded as soon as a better one is found.

Most of the standard roguelike features apply, except there is team level on top of the hero based proficiency level.

Team level grants rune points which could be allocated to enhance attributes for the whole team.

Proficiency level grants proficiency points which could be allocated to enhance hero specific attributes and skills (4 proficiency skills per hero).

Differences to Roguelikes

The Hardest Dungeon has pixel-art graphics. The game has a top-down viewing angle with a shadow of war feature.

The view range of the player is limited to the torch's light radius, which will diminish over time and requires replenishing by the expenditure of extra torches.

There is a hunger system that requires heroes to camp and eat. When heroes are starving, different random debuff will be applied to the heroes and will very likely lead to death. This game also features an unique tarot card system that alters the macro gaming environment and bend the existing rules of the game.

It also comes with a "Card of the Day" feature that automatically draws a tarot card at the beginning of each day.

This card will add extra rules/alter the rules of the game mechanics for the duration of that day.

The Hardest Dungeon combat is in realtime with option to pause the game.

The Hardest Dungeon has music and sounds.

The Hardest Dungeon has graphical inventory. The inventory management in The Hardest Dungeon is simple and only involves the management of gems.

Gems looted during gameplay could either be "equipped to their corresponding chakra", "sacrificed to improve an equipment" or "destroyed".

There is possibility for dead heroes to revive by acquiring certain tarot cards. However, certain limitations are applied to limit the possibility of exploiting such system.


The Hardest Dungeon is a special take on the rogue-like genre with unique game mechanics that makes it stands out.

This game has incorporated survival and team management features to further enhance game-play experience.

Players are always on the edge to keep their team member alive with ever changing gaming environment and rules.