True God

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Stones of Chaos: The True God
Developer Idontexist
Theme Randomness
Influences a coin and a pair of dice
Released Mar 11, 2009
Updated Never
Licensing GNU 3
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 80 characters
Official site of Stones of Chaos: The True God

True God is a coffeebreak roguelike

This game was Idontexist's entry for the 2009 7DRL challenge.


The player tries to please the Random Number God by completing quests every level and answering questions. If the RNG is pleased the game will be easier but if Arnie is displeased you will die quickly.


  • Random effects brought on the player
  • Random answers to a question between levels
  • Random quests for each level
  • 5 level types





"You feel like killing only a couple people right now" - You should kill exactly 2 random souls before leaving the current level.

"7 souls will fall." - Kill exactly 7 random souls and leave the level.

"HURRY UP!!!" - Finish the current level in 100 turns or less.

"Slooooowwww doooowwwwnnn" - Don't leave the level before 200 turns are up.

"You feel like a hippy" - Kill nothing. If you succeed you will gain a level.

"You think genocide mite be a fun thing to do"- You gain a small bonus and a tiny bit of HP for each enemy you kill.

"This water tastes strange" - If you drink any potions, the amount of potions on farther levels will be halvedand if not it will be doubled.

"I'm thirsty" - If you drink all the potions on this level you will recieve more on further levels if you dont drink them all you will get less.

"Someone is partying behind you" - This one is a given. Just go back the way you came.

"DAMN" "A COP!" "RUN!!" - Play a level of Get Out!!


"You are pulled in a nonexistant direction" - Teleport to a different level depending on how much the RN God likes you.

"The RN God touches you." - You are damaged or healed depending on how much Arnie likes you.

"Somebody gets stronger." - Between 1 and 5 characters on the level (you included) gain a level. (This can be deadly on "Get Out!!" levels if the RNG hates you.)

"Arnie is bored with you." - The RNG starts liking you less.

"You amuse the Random Number God" - The RNG starts liking you more.

(You gain a level)

"Barfff... ugggh" - You lose a level.

"A hot wind passes through here" - Everybody on the level takes some damage.

"Beer crosses your mind" - The amount of potions on each level is changed depending on how much the Random Number God Favors you.

"You feel a very soothing wind" - Everybody on the level recieves some HP.

"Time seems to be distorted" - Your Speed changes depending on the Random Number Generator's level of pleasure towards you.

"Your eyes feel weird." - How far you can see is changed.

"The dead arise" - All dead monsters on the level come back to life.