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Stable game
Developer User:UnderSupernova
Theme Simulation, Sci-fi
Influences CataclysmDDA, Slaves_to_Armok_II:_Dwarf_Fortress, Rimworld, Elona, Minecraft
Released 31 May 2023 (
Updated 27 May 2023 (
Licensing Closed source
P. Language C#,GDScript
Platforms Windows, Android
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Open ended
Official site of UnderSupernova

UnderSupernova is a game aims to provide a more complex and free world. 10 keys here for any user of roguebasin who sends an email to 2027002438@qq.com

Almost infinite sandbox

Each planet is a sandbox that can be excavated and interacted with billions of grids in length, width, and height. Can cultivate, construct, and explore in a world of almost infinite size.

Diverse operating modes

You can control individual individuals to role-play, collect, log, excavate, build, manufacture, trade, fall in love, explore, and more. You can control an unlimited number of teams to engage in battles, explore ruins, and run businesses simultaneously. Various map commands can be added for base management, planning batch collection, logging, excavation, construction, production planning, bulk trade, and more.

npc of free action

Following the rules of residence, NPCs have their own life trajectory, family, residence, and property. From birth to school learning, to getting married and starting a career, one has their own life. They will eat, drink, and sleep on their own, and I will recommend teachers and management personnel on their own. The products in the place of residence will also self mobilize the production chain, ensuring the production of local specialties and livelihood materials step by step from raw materials.

Free module

Everything in the game is definable and can also be expanded like samples. You can customize items, creatures, buildings, production systems, knowledge, skills, combat methods, and even relics and large buildings.

Custom opening background

The entire scene and personal belongings where the character starts can be defined, and some predefined events can also be used. Can define one's own story.

A more realistic biological chain

Biomass accumulates from the photosynthesis of plants throughout the entire process of germination, growth, fruiting, and diffusion, and is transmitted to the biological chain in a proportion of 10% -20%. Plants compete for limited nutrition, and animals must eat real food to survive.

Exploration beyond planets

The story takes place in the distant future. You can build a spaceship to explore other planets and galaxies.

Inheritance of knowledge and classics

Knowledge is the prerequisite for skills and production. Knowledge is the knowledge that each person possesses separately, and it needs to be learned through human guidance and the carrier of knowledge. New knowledge can be developed from knowledge. Knowledge can be engraved on stones, written on paper, and print on metal plates.

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