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A'ight. So. I'm Kawa, though I go by KyoufuKawa on #rgrd because there's already another Kawa registered on QuakeNet. Whatever.

I am very much sexually frustrated and express that in most of my game development dabblings. Most notably Noxico, the reason I'm here in the first place.

I've done a fairly complete engine recreation of the third generation Pokémon games on the original hardware, "OpenPoké", that was pretty damn cool. Lots of times I found out that the original programmers tackled a given problem in mostly the same way I did. The code looks like shit in a skillet though. I do much better now.

I'm proficient in C# and used to write in plain C. I can do PHP but don't really feel like using it ever since I read A Fractal of Bad Design. Which raises the problem that I can't get any of the alternatives to work.

I feel the Ribbon is totally something that has its uses if the program it's used in has too many commands to fit the menu/toolbar paradigm.