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Kernigh at other wikis:

Hello, I am Kernigh. I sometimes play NetHack, SLASH'EM, ToME, Legerdemain, Martin's Dungeon Bash. I cannot play ADOM except in a DOS emulator. I found Omega too difficult.

I also have some familiarity with the MediaWiki software, mostly by editing a NetHack wiki called Wikihack. (I have now moved from Wikihack to NetHackWiki.)

Kernigh and RogueBasin

29 April 2006... I first tried to edit RogueBasin while it was at However, I had to login to edit and new accounts were disabled. So I looked around the domain and created I became a ToME player instead of a RogueBasin editor. I eventually learned how to create an account, but did not bother, because I guessed that others would not be able to edit what I wrote.

7 August 2006... Now that RogueBasin is at, I am able to create an account and this user page.