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Developer corremn
Theme Dungeon hack
Influences Warhammer, WH40k
Released 2012 Mar 17
Updated 2012 Mar 28 v04
Licensing Freeware
P. Language c++
Platforms Windows, source available
Interface Emulated ascii, graphical tiles
Game Length 25 minutes
Official site of Waaaghammer

Waaaghammer is a coffeebreak roguelike

About Waaaghammer 7DRL

A Roguelike for the 2012 7drl challenge

You play an orc who awakes confused and disoriented into the world. Find your way in orcish society and meet your destiny, or die trying. The game has 10 areas to explore.

WAAAAGH This is what drives an orc to kill. When a waaagh is happening each team member moves faster and does more damage.


Please give me feedback on all bugs/ideas/improvements on the game. You can email me directly or use the _Issues_ tab above. Cheers and Thanks a lot.

Screen Shot


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