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Developer Eben Howard
Theme Puzzle
Influences Snake
Released Mar 12, 2012 (A1)
Updated Mar 20, 2012 (C2)
P. Language Java
Platforms any with a JRE
Interface SquidLib
Game Length Short
Official site of Wyrm

A turn based puzzler!

Your goal is to eat all the enemies on a board. If an enemy is next to you, including your tail, it will attack you instead of moving. Don't try to eat your own tail, it hurts!

The original design for Wyrm included ranged weapons and loot, but during testing it was quite fun as a puzzler, so there it stayed.

There are some roguelike elements in the game:

  • Permadeath
  • Random terrain generation
  • Random enemy placement

All enemies move in a set pattern, according to what type they are. Sometimes this pattern can be hard to see as it will be interrupted by blocking terrain or other creatures.

This game uses SquidLib for the primary display.