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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Kornel Kisielewicz
Theme Fantasy
Influences Angband, GenRogue, DiabloRL
Licensing Closed Source, freeware
P. Language FreePascal
Platforms Windows, DOS
Interface ASCII
Game Length
Official site of Carceri

Carceri in the World of Shadows is one of the Alternative Planes of existence. It's the Infinite Prison. A place that can be reached in some prisons of the world of Shadows where the pain, suffering and horror has been so great, that reality got shifted and corrupted, and opened a passage to the place beyond. Carceri is an infinite prision, without wardens, without a chance to escape, with no hopes of the end of suffering.

Project fate

Carceri has been canceled without having public releases. Author himself stated this in May 2008.

There is task log at which proves that Kornel enjoys working overnight.

Design notes

A mysterious project unveiled on May 4 2005 as the prelude to GenRogue, Carceri intends to become a roguelike engine based in data-files; the game will be driven by human-readable text files that will be compiled to a distributable mod-file.

There will be no scripting -- modules will be completely datadriven, with the small exeception of Triggers.

One of the few roguelikes that allows modding through datafiles with sucessful results is Angband; however Carceri will have advantages in this regard over Angband:

  • smaller, more focused levels
  • game smaller by itself -- more fun, and not endless rooms & corridors
  • smaller amount of data needed to be edited for a full world-port
  • persistent and customizable levels and level structure
  • basic plot support
  • more readable data-files
  • possibility to also edit things like intro-screen etc.
  • scalable -- you can have either a 5 level mini-roguelike or several level, several dungeon branch roguelike

Carceri will allow to create simple, fun roguelikes, set in the fantasy world you want to imagine. The combat system, inventory system, magic system will all be hard-coded, but the data is your's to modify/create.