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Developer zzo38
Theme Experimental
Influences Ali Baba, others?
Released 2008
Updated never
Licensing GNU GPL v3 or later
P. Language QBASIC
Platforms DOS
Interface Extended ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Short
Official site of KING

KING is a short roguelike game made in less than 7 hours. It has three difficulty levels. You are some sort of strange creature (described at the beginning of the game), and you have to collect enough stones to become the king (50 stones for easy, 100 for normal, 150 for hard). It took me less than a day to write this program.


  • Attacking is not based on randomness
  • The stones you need to collect to win are the same stones that you can throw at opponents to damage them
  • 23 different kind of potions, but you can only hold up to 20 potions at once
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Can use vi-style keys or numpad (all the functions are accessible from the numpad)
  • Symbols for opponents on screen are colored according to how many hit-points they have left
  • Optional sound effects
  • You don't gain experience points in this game
  • Some squares contain fire, which hurt you if you step on them, the fire can hurt opponents too
  • If you eat, you can get healed
  • You sometimes automatically skip turns if you are too hungry and haven't eaten in a long time, but eventually you will starve to death


Here is a copy of the instructions from the game:

You are some sort of strange creature. It will describe you at the start. To win this game you have to collect the number of stones that it tells you to collect to become king, depending on the difficulty level. To do so, you have to collect the stones on the level and find the key to go down stairs. Once you collect enough stones you will become the king. You can also use potions. The effects of the potions are unknown at the beginning of the game, but once you use them, you will automatically identify them as they are being used. In addition, there are also opponents in this dungeon which will try to kill you. You will also get hungry sometimes, in which case you have to eat or else you will starve to death.

For an additional challenge you might try any or all of the following:

  • Try to win in the lowest number of moves
  • Descend the dungeon as much as possible before you die
  • Identify as many potions as possible

Keyboard commands:

H or 4 = Move left                     L or 6 = Move right
J or 2 = Move down                     K or 8 = Move up
Y or 7 = Move up/left                  U or 9 = Move up/right
B or 1 = Move down/left                N or 3 = Move down/right
I or 5 = Pass your turn                O or * = Eat a slime mold
P or / = Quaff a potion                T or 0 = Throw a stone
, or - = Select previous potion        . or + = Select next potion
; or ENTER = Go down stairs (only if you have a key)
S = Sound toggle                       ? = View instructions

To attack someone, just attempt to move into them.

Map symbols:

Slime Mold