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I'm kinda curious about the whole "engines vs. libraries" thing - with libraries, wouldn't a particular game then have to deal with multiple representations of some of the core data, such as "monsters" or "items"? That could be quite a pain to deal with, unless the libraries were coded properly... Imagine having five different Monster classes, each with a separate set of data as required by each individual library! You might solve that issue by using interfaces (in the Java/C# sense) - but imagine having five Monster interfaces then, each with its own naming conventions for the various methods... your Monster class might then need a getName() method, a getFullName() method, a getMonsterName() method, a getID() method, and a getMonsterID() method (all of which return pretty much the same thing) just to satisfy the requirements of all the libraries! Any thoughts on this? Ed 19:47, 6 August 2007 (CEST)