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Ed Kolis
Alias Ekolis
Projects too many abandoned ones to count!
Games Decimation, Smash Arena, TriQuest, Beware of Strange Warp Points
Nationality American
P. Languages C#
[[1] Official site of Ed Kolis]

Ed Kolis is a wannabe roguelike developer from Ohio who also has an interest in developing 4X turn-based strategy games. Ever heard of Dungeons of Relentless Killing, MetaRogue, Rogue Battalion, or Dungeons of Zennom, or SharpRogueLib, or Into the Darkness? Thought not - just various abandoned projects... (No, not that "Into the Darkness"... and definitely not the Star Trek movie!)

Ed's favorite roguelikes to play include development versions of Angband and variants thereof, Crawl (Stone Soup edition), and basically anything that's in active development, since he seems to have a short attention span and gets bored easily playing (or developing) the same game constantly...

Ed has finally completed a number of 7DRLs!

  • Decimation (2009): Barely qualifies as a roguelike, but at least it's a clever premise. You're the number zero trying to neutralize the other numbers using mathematical operations.
  • Smash Arena (2010): An arena based tactical roguelike where you face wave of wave of contenders, and must build up damage on them, then hit them with a smash attack to knock them out, like in Super Smash Bros. Sadly no Pikachus were harmed in the making of this game; you just get generic fantasy monsters.
  • TriQuest (2013): A proper adventuring roguelike, only this time the gimmick is you control a party of three adventurers, and can arrange them in formations to handle different enemies.
  • Beware of Strange Warp Points (2014): Wait, are we in space?! And the @ is a spaceship... Well, KlingonRL did it first... This game is inspired by the Space Empires series of 4X games, and features aliens and technology from those games.

His next 7DRL project scheduled for 2016 is called ShoppyRL; it's basically a roguelike version of Recettear with multiple adventurers running around at once. Pretty ambitious!


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