Cursed Soul

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Cursed Soul
Stable game
Developer User:Stamatis (
Theme Fantasy
Influences Greek Mythology
Released 2022 (1.0)
Updated Sometime in 2022 (1.3)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Rot.js, JavaScript
Platforms HTML5
Interface Graphical, Keyboard
Game Length 1+ hours
Official site of Cursed Soul

Cursed Soul is a roguelike game programmed by Stamatis, who published it under the alias Forge-Games.

The game is developed in JavaScript using Rot.js as its main library.

The game’s development history is shrouded in mystery, but in a deleted Twitter post, Stamatis hinted at a possible sequel in the future.

The game features a randomly generated dungeon, where the player has to survive and fight against various enemies and traps. The game has a unique mechanic called Insight, which allows the player to inspect an enemy's information..